Family Formation

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Family Formation

Starting September 2022 we’re inviting families of all ages to attend the 10:30 AM Mass and then stay for 20 minutes in the church. Mass will now be “the class” and the 20 minutes afterwards will be an extension and teaching on various topics.  Your entire family will remain together and topics and teachings will be complemented with resources for your family to take home to help continue the conversation. 


We are making the change from the traditional classroom and grade level model because we believe that the best place for us to come together, grow in our faith and pass on the faith begins at Mass.  Mass is the most powerful prayer and where the foundation of our faith begins and grows. 


The goal of Family Formation is to build a stronger Catholic Faith within our families, through education, spiritual guidance and support, whether you are a family of 10 or a family of 1 looking to grow in your faith. A myriad of traditional Ministries falls under this “umbrella” of “Family Formation”, such as Religious Education, Confirmation, Adult Faith Formation, Sacramental Preparation, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (those seeking to convert to Catholicism), our parish school, music ministry etc.


These ministries will, of course, continue but with more of an emphasis on connecting with the whole family, not just individuals.  It is by a parent’s witness and example of how they live their faith that our children learn and come to understand. We want to do our part to help all families see the richness of our Catholic faith, and how it can be integrated into our everyday lives. 


The mission at Mater Christi Parish is to form disciples of Christ through Mary. That means, to go all in and to know and follow Jesus and to ask for the help and intercession of our parish namesake, Mary, the Mother of Christ. 


The designated Mass Class is at the 10:30am Mass on Sundays, but we know the demands of families and schedules can be very busy.  If the 10:30am Mass time does not work for your family each week, we encourage you to attend any Mass time that works best for your family. The Mass times at Mater Christi are at 4:00pm on Saturday, and 7:00am,  8:30 and 10:30am on Sunday.  We will be happy to provide the resources mentioned above to any families regardless of the Mass time you attend.  For families desiring a Sacrament (Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion or Confirmation), we will also be offering additional sacramental preparation meetings and resources. 


Please know of our prayers and support for your family. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this further, please call Kelly Hession at the parish office at 518-489-3204 or email